Mobile Radio Systems Lab

In this laboratory, the students will practise the fundamentals of mobile radio communications by developing a Software Defined Radio (SDR) system. Thus, Simulink/MATLAB and a hardware radio will be used. Different topics will be offered to the student groups, consisting each of them of 2-4 people.


All computational experiments are done in MATLAB. A MATLAB Introduction Course will be offered in each summer semester in order to give students a basic knowledge in MATLAB programming.


Lecturer: Prof. Thomas Kürner

Assistant: Nils Dreyer


The Deadline for registration to the lab is Friday, 11th April 2014!

Later registration attempts will not be taken into consideration!


Laboratory (ET-NT-091)

Start: 30th April 2014

Registration: with Petra Beyer, Schleinitzstr. 22, R 204 

Contact hours (SWS): 3 h

Time: Wednesday 15:00 - 18:00

Participants: groups of 2-4 students

Location: Schleinitzstr. 22, CIP-Pool (3rd Floor, right hand side)


Accompanying material

Laboratory notes are available at Stud.IP.


Registration is mandatory for all participants.


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