Coding Theory


  • Source coding to reduce redundance
  • Channel coding for error detection and correction
    • Block codes
    • Convolutional codes
  • Decoding of block codes
  • State-of-the-art coding techniques 

 The lecture is held in German.


An accompanying exercise is offered alongside the lecture. For most studies the Computational Experiments in Coding Theory is part of this lecture. Detailed information can be found in the study's prospectus.


Lecturer: Prof. Thomas Kürner

Assistant: Michael Schweins


Lecture (ET-NT-025)

Contact hours (SWS): 2 h

Time: Thu 13:15-14:45

Location: SN 22.2

Start: 11.04.2019

Language: German


Exercise (ET-NT-026)

Contact hours (SWS): 1 h

Time: Wed 15:00-16:30

Location: SN 22.2

Start: 18.04.2019

Language: German


Accompanying material

The lecture notes and the excercise sheets are available via StudIP.

The exercise sheets can be downloaded beforhand. The solutions are developed during the exercise.


Latest information

Up to date information can be found via StudIP.



Examination type: written

Date: 30rd July 2019

Time: 08:30 am

Location: SN19.1

Consultation hour (questions about exercises/exams): by agreement with 
Michael Schweins (please register by phone or e-mail).


Information about exam:

All participants of the exam have to bring along their student ID and a valid photo ID for verification purpose.

For the examination, students are requested to register via QIS portal.


Updated: Monday, 25 March 2019