Deep Learning Lab



The Deep Learning Lab is aiming to impart students knowledge in the fields of machine learning and pattern recognition by practical application of corresponding methods. Students learn to implement and configure classification algorithms, such as linear discriminant functions, support vector machines, and neural networks. Modern concepts and approaches, especially deep learning are also part of the experiments. To motivate subsequent self-study only free-to-use datasets as well as open-source software will be used. For the computational complex training algorithms students are provided access to powerful centralized GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) hardware.


The Deep Learning Lab is divided in three parts:


• First, the students work themselves through an introduction to the Python programming language and all required libraries for the later experiments to obtain some basic knowledge.


• Second, the students will work with certain machine learning methods which are introduced in the Pattern Recognition lecture.


• Third, - in the so-called Machine Learning Challenge - students are required to use their obtained knowledge in order to develop a machine learning system in a competition with the other participating groups. Therefore, the students will be provided with real data which might stem from real-world/industry applications.


To support the ability to work in a team the excercises and the Machine Learning Challenge will be conducted in groups of 2-3 students. The maximum amount of participants is limited to 30 students.


We recommend to have attended either the lecture Pattern Recognition during the winter term or a comparable lecture as a basis for this lab.


The results of the first and the second parts will be reviewed in a colloquium with the supervising assistant. The results of the Machine Learning Challenge will be presented by each group in a closing event.


Lecturer: Prof. Tim Fingscheidt

Assistants: Samy ElshamyJan-Aike Bolte, Jonas LöhdefinkMaximilian Strake, Ziyue Zhao


Laboratory (DLL Lab) (ET-NT-111):


Contact hours (SWS) : 4h

Time: individually

Location: Room 316 CIP-Pool IfN

Kickoff Date: expected date - 16.04.2020 15:00 @ Room 316 CIP-Pool IfN

Language: german / english


Latest Information

Registration is starting at the 01.02.2020 and can is to be done by mail to Eike-Asslo Erichsen-Rua. The following information is necessary: name, first name, matriculation no., course of study, e-mail address.


If more than 30 students sign up until the 15.02.2020 the places will be assigned by lot.


Updated: Wednesday, 30 October 2019