Modelling and Simulation of Mobile Radio Systems


In this lecture, the fundamental methods for modelling and simulation of mobile radio systems are imparted. Based on this, knowledge in the field of statistical methods for the generation of random numbers and random processes as well as in the field of the description of radio channel and user behaviour especially important for mobile radio systems will be built.



  • Introduction
  • Methods for modelling and simulation
  • Monte Carlo simulation and generation of random numbers
  • Simulation of transmit and receive systems
  • Modelling of mobile radio channels
  • Traffic modelling
  • Mobility modelling
  • Case study


An English version of the script is available.


Lecturer: Prof. Thomas Kürner

Assistent: Johannes Eckhardt


Lecture (ET-NT-032)

Contact hours (SWS): 2 h

Time: Mo 09:00-12:00 / Wed 09:45-11:15

Location: R232B / SN22.2

Start: 17th of April 2019

Language: German


Accompanying material

Lecture notes are available on stud.IP. The password will be announced in the first lecture.


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