Postgraduate Seminar Machine Learning



The postgraduate seminar will cover a variety of current research topics from the field of "Machine Learning", which will be worked out, deepened and scientifically prepared.

Participants will read, present and discuss scientific publications together. The structure of a scientific conference publication is discussed as well as strategies for writing the common sections of a scientific paper.

This event has a discursive character, therefore the regular attendance of the participants is necessary.


Lecturer: Prof. Tim Fingscheidt
Jan-Aike Bolte


Lecture (ET-NT-112):
Contact hours (SWS): 2 h
Time: Fr 13:15 - 16:15
Location: SN 22.2

Kickoff Date: 12.04.2019 (13:15-14:00)

Language: German


Dates (These dates are subject to changes!):

  • 26.04.19 (1.)
  • 03.05.19 (2.)
  • 17.05.19 (3.)
  • 07.06.19 (4.)
  • 21.06.19 (5.)
  • 05.07.19 (6.)
  • 12.07.19 (7.)




Latest Information

Kickoff Date: 12.04.2019 from 13:15-14:00 Uhr in SN 22.2

Registration and presentation of the course structure.


Registration is now open and can be done by E-mail to Eike-Asslo Erichsen-Rua. The following information is necessary: name, first name, matriculation no., course of study, e-mail address.


Updated: Thursday, 11 April 2019