Computational Experiments: Modelling and Simulation of Mobile Radio Systems

These computational experiments are intended to deepen the content of the lecture "Modelling and Simulation of Mobile Radio Systems".



  • Monte-Carlo simulations and generating of random numbers and random sequences,
  • Simulation of transmit and receive systems with source and channel coding Simulation,
  • Modelling of narrow-band and wide-band mobile communications channels
  • Traffic and mobility simulations.


All computational experiments are done in MATLAB. A MATLAB introduction tutorial is available on request. Contact the assistent if required.


Lecturer: Prof. Thomas Kürner

Assistent: Johannes Eckhardt


Exercise (ET-NT-010)

Contact hours (SWS): 2 h

Time: Mon 09:00-12:00

Location: R 316 CIP Pool

Start: 29.04.19

Language: German



1. Exercise: 29.04.2019

2. Exercise: 13.05.2019

3. Exercise: 20.05.2019

4. Exercise: 17.06.2019

5. Exercise: 24.06.2019

6. Exercise: 08.07.2019


Registration: email to Johannes Eckhardt before 29.04.2019, with name, matriculation number, specialization and semester.


Accompanying material

Pratical exercise notes are available (only in German) on stud.IP. The password will be announced during the first lecture.


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