Current Systems for the Electronic Media


  • Audio Video Source Coding
  • Selected mechanisms for forward error correction and modulation
  • Selected systems for audio, video and data storage, e.g. Compact Disc (CD), CD-ROM, DVD, Blue Ray Disc, Flash Memory
  • Hardware features of MP3 players and Smartphones
  • Data transmission via Digital subscriber Line (DSL).
  • Many experiments during the lecture.


Lecturer: Prof. Ulrich Reimers

Assistant: Mark Hoyer


Lecture (ET-NT-005)

Contact hours (SWS): 2 h

Time: Mon 11:30 - 13:00

Location: SN 22.1

Start: 15.10.2018

Language: German


Lecture at Stud-IP: StudIP


Accompanying material

Printouts and the access data for an additional multimedia online tutorial are available at the lecture.


Information about the oral exams

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The current examination dates are invalid because the exam dates on March 30th and 31st were canceled.


Examination type: oral exam

Location: Room 207


Consultation hour: by agreement with Mark Hoyer



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