Department of Mobile Radio Systems

The Department of Mobile Radio Systems deals with radio transmission in all its facets. The fields of research of the department can be classified into a matrix of four fields of competence and application areas each. The fields of competence are "Wave Propagation and Radio Channel Characterisation", "Link Level Simulation", "System Level Simulation" and  "Generation of Realistic Reference Scenarios for the Simulation". The application areas are "Methods and Algorithms for Planning and Optimisation of Infrastructure Networks", "Multi-Gigabit Indoor Communication", "Car-to-X Communication" and "Navigation". The projects dealt with in this department normally can be assigned to one of these application areas, and in each project research is carried out in one or in a number of the stated fields of competence.

The department is internationally positioned and involved in international projects inside and outside Europe as well. Since 2010, Prof. Thomas Kürner has conducted the IEEE 802.15 THz Interest Group and since 2014 the IEEE 802.15 Task group 3d, in which the standardisation of future THz communication systems is fostered. Since 2012, he has been Chairman of the Working Group "Propagation" of the "European Association on Antennas and Propagation" (EurAAP).