News Overview

WiMAX Cooperative Project: Quick Internet via Radio Link   (20. October 2008)

The WiMAX Pilot Project Lower Saxony for Quick Internet via Radio Link is starting in two Lower Saxon communes. For further information please see the Press Release by the Ministry of...[more]

The DAAD Magazine reports   (10. September 2008)

The DAAD Magazine reports about our project "Auf dem Weg in die Informationsgesellschaft (Towards Information Society)" which we we are carrying out in cooperation with Tunesian Universities within...[more]

DVB-T2 - the next generation of terrestrial broadcasting   (29. August 2008)

The press office of TU Braunschweig provides information about the completion of the DVB-T2-specification for the second generation of digital terrestrial broadcasting. (Information only available in...[more]

Academic Director Dr.-Ing. Volker Märgner   (28. August 2008)

Since 28 August 2008 we are happy to again have an Academic Director at our institute. The photo shows Dr. Märgner with flowers and certificate of appointment, flanked by Prof. Fingscheidt and Prof....[more]

Doctoral examination by Radoslaw Piesiewicz   (15. July 2008)

Dipl.-Ing. Radoslaw Piesiewicz has successfully passed his doctoral examination with "summa cum laude". Congratulations![more]

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