Title: News Overview
Date: 01 June 2016

News Overview

IBC-Conference and Exhibition 2014   (23. September 2014)

The IfN presented the new transmission technology "TOoL+" (Tower Overlay over LTE-A+) at the media technology convention IBC 2014 in Amsterdam. Here data is broadcast via the conventional terrestrial...[more]

Doctoral examination on Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Voges   (31. July 2014)

Our colleague Christoph Voges from the Department of Signal Processing for Mobile Information Systems passed his doctoral exam on 30th July 2014 with a very good result. Congratulations! His PhD...[more]

IfN team took part in the film festival "Durchgedreht24"    (28. July 2014)

35 film teams participated in the film festival "Durchgedreht 24" that took place in Braunschweig from 18th -20th July 2014. Each of the teams had only 24 hours to make a film of 5 minutes using one...[more]

ICFHR 2014 Competition   (22. July 2014)

Braunschweig Marathon relay race 2014   (21. July 2014)

On 16 July 2014, time had come again and the event "Behörden-Staffelmarathon" took place in Braunschweig at lake "Ölper". The IfN team "Die volle Bandbreite" participated again in the Relay Marathon....[more]

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