Title: News Overview
Date: 19 April 2015

News Overview

Doctoral examination on Sebastian Priebe   (21. February 2013)

On 19th February 2013, our colleague Sebastian Priebe from the department "Mobilfunksysteme" passed his doctoral examination with distinction. Congratulations! His doctoral thesis is entitled...[more]

Brunswick Citizen´s Prize 2012 for Stefan Ilsen   (09. December 2012)

Our colleague Stefan Ilsen was awarded the Brunswick Citizen´s Prize on 6th December 2012 for outstanding student achievements. Congratulations![more]

Doctoral examination by Moritz Schack   (21. November 2012)

On November 19th Dipl.-Ing. Moritz Schack very successfully passed his doctoral examination in the Department of Mobile Radio Systems. We are very glad! Congratulations to him!


Honorary Fellow of the DVB Project awarded to Prof. Ulrich Reimers   (01. November 2012)

During the DVB Steering Board Meeting on 30th October 2012 in Geneva our Prof. Ulrich Reimers was awarded the title "Honorary Fellow of the DVB Project" for his activities as chairman of the...[more]

Lower Saxony´s 2012 State Award to Prof. Ulrich Reimers   (24. October 2012)

David McAllister, Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, awards its 2012 State Award in the area of scientific research to our head of the Institute Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Reimers and to the writer Georg...[more]

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