Title: News Overview
Date: 11 December 2016

News Overview

Brunswick Citizen´s Prize 2014 for Florian Jackisch   (08. December 2014)

On 6 December 2014, Florian Jackisch, a graduate at IfN, was awarded the "Braunschweiger Bürgerpreis" for outstanding student achievement and special engagement at Technische Universitaet...[more]

Inaugural lecture of PD Dr.-Ing. Thomas Kleine-Ostmann   (19. November 2014)

On 18th November 2014 the habilitation procedure of Dr. Thomas Kleine-Ostmann was concluded with his inaugural lecture entitled "Is Terahertz radiation harmful?" Afterwards he received  the...[more]

Technology Transfer Award 2014 of IHK Braunschweig to Prof. T. Fingscheidt, P. Bauer, M.-A. Jung   (18. November 2015)

Doctoral examination on Dipl.-Ing. Balázs Fodor   (27. October 2014)

On 24th October 2014 our colleague Balázs Fodor from the Department of Signal Processing for Mobile Information Systems passed his doctoral examination with very good results. Congratulations! His...[more]

Doctoral examination on Dipl.-Ing. Panagiotis Paschalidis   (21. October 2014)

Dipl.-Ing. Panagiotis Paschalidis successfully passed his doctoral examination with a very good result. Congratulations! His thesis is entitled "The development of a wideband multiple-input...[more]

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