Technology Transfer Award of IHK Braunschweig to Prof. T. Fingscheidt, P. Bauer, M.-A. Jung

On November 14th, 2014, the Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK) in Braunschweig presented the technology transfer award for the 30th time. To our delight this time it went to the IfN: based on a recommendation by Auerswald Ltd. Dipl.-Ing. Patrick Bauer, Marc-André Jung, M.Sc. and Prof. Tim Fingscheidt were honoured for their works on "consistently high telephone speech quality by artificial speech bandwidth extension" that successfully managed to find their way into the mid-to-high-end product segment of system telephones at Auerswald.


The context is the technology of artificial speech bandwidth extension which was developed by Mr. Bauer to product-capable applications resulting from many projects, and further enhanced to integrating capacity and platform optimized  by Mr. Jung. Furthermore, it allows a high speech quality for HD telephones in case the dialogue partner doesn't have an HD voice equipment at his disposal, or if gateways on the transmission path don't allow a continuous wideband speech transmission. With a mobile-to-mobile connection there is still the problem of gateways switching to narrowband speech as a matter of principle. With mobile-to-fixed-line telephones in the majority of cases the bottleneck is the fixed network terminal equipment not being able to support HD voice.


At the festive award ceremony on 14th November held at the Kongresssaal of IHK Braunschweig with about 160 invited guests attending, the president of IHK Dr. Wolf-Michael Schmid, handed over the prize consisting of documents, a stele and a cheque for 10,000 Euros. Thus, for the second time running the prize went to Technische Universitaet Braunschweig, and in particular to the Department of Electrical Engineering, Information Technology, and Physics.



Link to radio broadcast (by Frank Kornath) 

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Photo 1: The laureates from left to right: Marc-André Jung, Patrick Bauer, Prof. Tim Fingscheidt, behind the HD voice phones developed by Auerswald (Photo: Peter Pohl)

Photo 2: from left to right: Prof. Tim Fingscheidt, Patrick Bauer, Marc-André Jung. (Photo: Susanne Hübner)


Video:Verleihung des IHK Technologiepreises 2014, Braunschweig (in German)

You can find the complete video clip with technical details if you follow the link (in German): IHKTTP2014


Updated: Thursday, 18 October 2018