Research Fields and Projects of the Department of Signal Processing and Machine Learning

Authors: Patrick Bauer, Balázs Fodor, Huajun Yu, Marc-André Jung, Johannes Abel, Samy Elshamy, Jan Franzen
Our research area "automotive hands-free solutions" covers the whole range of automotive speech enhancement applications. [More]
Authors: Samy Elshamy
We develop an easy-to-use system allowing the driver to control the HMI with his voice without the need for a push-to-talk button or muting of the radio. [More]
Authors: Marc-André Jung
The focus of this project lay on the development and verification of a simulation algorithm to simulate the acoustic environment of car cabins for hands-free systems. This simulation is now available in real time, based on a small hardware device. [More]
Authors: Marc-André Jung
The focus of this project lay on the development of audio processing modules for a high quality real-time prototype for a modern wideband telecommunication system. [More]
Authors: Patrick Meyer
The funding project "EmoExpert" with the company eye square GmbH in Berlin deals with emotion recognition in acoustic signals. [More]
Authors: Johannes Abel, Samy Elshamy, Jan Franzen, Maximilian Strake
In our field of work "Home-, Office, and Smartphone Hands-Free Systems" our department is dealing with research on single- and multichannel speech enhancement algorithms especially designed for home and office applications. [More]
Authors: Ziyue Zhao
In digital communications, any residual correlation in the quantized and transmitted symbols can be utilized to improve decoder performance. [More]
Authors: Jan Franzen
For facilitation of verbal communication between the passengers of a car we are performing research on enhancing speech transmission and playback systems with low delay. [More]
Authors: Timo Lohrenz
We conduct fundamental research in the area of iterative automatic speech recognition, especially in multi-channel and multimodal scenarios. [More]
Authors: Daniel Fecker
In this research area, image signals from different camera sensors in visible and infrared spectral range are used for quality control in production processes. Current research involves the training of recognition systems with an unbalanced training data set. The focus is on algorithms such as support vector machines/data description and probability density-based methods. The background to this is ... [More]
Authors: Haikal El Abed, Volker Märgner
In cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut (WKI), Braunschweig and the Institute for High Frequency Technology, Technical University Hamburg-Harburg ... [More]
Authors: Ziyue Zhao
This research focuses on delayless or low-delay robust decoding of speech and audio signals. [More]
Authors: Simon Receveur, Timo Lohrenz
The project "Voice Mail by Voice" aimed at developing a novel voice control of a voice mailbox for system telephones. [More]
Authors: Jan Franzen
A wireless microphone array is developed in the context of a NBank-funded project with the company Pan Acoustics from Wolfenbüttel. [More]